Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We weren't planning on getting famous in India, but when the opportunity to 'star' as extras in a Bollywood film was presented to us, we grabbed it with both hands! On a spontaneous 24 hour pit-stop in Mumbai, we were approached by "Imran from Bollywood" who was scouting for 60 foreigners to be in a few scenes of a movie being filmed that night. With the added bonus of 500 rupees for 12 hours work between 5pm to 5am (yep, that's $1 an hour) we signed ourselves up immediately and walked away wondering what kind of con we'd got ourselves into this time, but with the prospect of seeing Bollywood in the making, we threw caution to the wind and went along.

Arriving at Bollywood, we were fitted with costumes and sent to hair and make-up to be transformed into 'British Ladies' of the 1940's... or the 1400's... we're still not sure. Either way, our costumes were so far off the mark, it was hilarious. Claire, in a shiny gold ruffled dress, that was possibly left over from a Cindy Lauper music video, looked more like a trashy 80's crack whore than an affluent lady who lunches. Amy's 2 tone purple and green dress wasn't quite as offensive, but it did look like it belonged in an early 90's high school prom rather than on the set of a multi-million dollar Bollywood film 2 years in the making.
Clearly 1940's sophisticated outfits...

The following 10 hours were spent sitting around pretending to be enjoying ourselves at a flashy outdoor evening banquet with our sun-hats on. We were surprised that a massive Bollywood film, starring Salman Khan, the "King of Bollywood", would fail to ensure any form of continuity or historical accuracy. But who cares? We got to be in Bollywood, got free water, tea and dinner out of it (and lets not forget the all important $12!) Although we were disappointed not to have seen the quintessential singing and dancing routines, we enjoyed watching the star pull rank and throw diva tantrums, despite the fact that he did far less work than we did! It was funny to see this Indian A-level celebrity (who we'd never heard of) demanding royal treatment - and getting it - from his entourage of assistants. He had one guy to hold his jacket between scenes, one to comb his hair, another to hold up a mirror for him and another to hold his cigarette between takes... even the director was scared of him. To top it all off, he was probably the worst actor we've ever seen! It you ever get to see the movie, watch for the scene where he falls and hurts his leg... it's gold!

The set (better than our costumes at least)

If you want to see us in all our glory (if they didn't scrap out scenes) look out for VEER, apparently being released in January 2010.

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  1. I am going to rent this movie and watch it, just for you guys :-) !even tho' i have heard it sucks